Mannheimer Mozartsommer 2008

"...But otherwise rather the bravour arias sparlked : Cornelia Götz razor-sharp carrid out "Der Hölle Rache" (THE MAGIC FLUTE /Queen Of The Night - 2nd aria)... ....................................... (Mannheimer Morgen, 29.07.2008)

Komische Oper Berlin
- Premiere February 4th, 2007

…Cornelia Goetz received the most rapturous applouse of the premiere evening for her stunning vocal and agitated artistic performance as Olympia. In Thilo Reinhardt’s Conception is the singing machine Olympia programmed as a sex monster whereas the the malfunctionating breakdowns of the remote control are being played with relish. Accomagnied from coloratures full of phantasy and technical perfection Olymia shows everything which men like to see, for to descend on the naive Hoffmann greedily…”
(Die deutsche Bühne online – Schwerpunkt)

„…Cornelia Götz (puppet-like affected, with ravishing beauty and automated coloratures) was the attraction of the evening. Not least because of her amazing costume, with white-blond wig, dark sunglasses, glaring red lips, white fur coat and a not fully closed white plastic body…“
( – Zeitschrift für Musiktheater und Oper)

„…these on three separate Acts parted roles are usually performed by the same singer. The Komische Oper could allow itself the luxury of three soloists, which all took greatfully the chance of artistic individuality. Cornelia Goetz is a as much obscene as acrobatic singing sex puppet…“
(TAZ, 06.02.2007)

Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz Munich
L. Bernstein: CANDIDE
(With new interlinking texts, written and read by LORIOT)

„…next to the lively foreward dashing ouverture the most brilliant artistic merits came from the two ladies in the men-dominated ensemble: Cornelia Goetz as Cunigonde performs the colorature- ladden aria „Glitter and be gay..“ so lunatic and funny, that someone nearly could feel sorry with Donald George as Candide, who was a little bit indisposed at this evening …“
(Nürnberger Nachrichten, 28.04.2005, R. Levinson)

Glyndebourne Festival Opera 2004

„…Cornelia Götz sparkeled as Queen Of The Night and gave an emotional performance in which she mastered the famous colorature arias with accuracy and skill…“
(Sussex Express, 28.05.2004, R. Levinson)

„…but the most dominant female appearance of the premiere evening was Cornelia Goetz as imperative Queen Of The Night. As personification of impassioned vangefulnes Miss Goetz expressed her dangerous thoughts with breathtaking rich colotatures…”
(Countrylive, 03.06.2004, G. Smith)